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Prepaid Maintenance subscription

Prepaid Maintenance subscription

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Did you know 67% of Americans already have at least 1 monthly subscription plan. The average millennial has 17 and spends over $237 a month. This is exactly why we created a prepaid maintenance bundle because our consumers are demanding it. And now just like Netflix, Apple and Disney your organization can tap into this recurring revenue model. By offering this plan, dealerships are accomplishing 3 items:

  • Adding monthly revenue and profit.
  • Driving customers to the service department for upsell opportunities
  • Getting the consumer to feel more comfortable with their organization.

Studies show if a guest does basic maintenance at a dealership beyond the first year of vehicle ownership, they are 75% more likely to buy their next vehicle from that dealership.

At $29.99 a month your guests will be paying you for the privilege of buying their next vehicle from your organization.